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Computer Help

With the next Windows 10, up-date came out this month

Crash Protected computer speed
Computer operating system updates, Driver updates Virus removal, malware removal Slow computer or network?
Windows 7, 8 or 10 issues Ransom ware protection Hardware upgrades for improved performance

Come get your free software and update your computer


Audio Cassette to CD

Old audio tapes To CD's


We'll convert your audio cassette tapes to CDs
that play easier, sound better, and last forever!!



We Transfer video
from your VCR to DVD  – the fastest
way to convert your analog home video to digital

Tape to dvd

Rescue Your VHS Tapes
Don't take a chance that your analog videos won't stand the test of
time stored on VHS tapes. Convert your precious VHS and other analog
videos into professional-quality digital videos.


E-Mail: info@mycomputerpartner.com


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